1.11 Finding Your Passion (When You’re 9)


Got a Loner? Here are 6 Activities They May Be Into

In the most recent episode of Whose Kid is That?!? Julie shared that her son is struggling to find a hobby or activity that he loves. He can, at times be a bit of a loner. He loves dinosaurs and he loves LEGOs. And, he also loved the season ski program he did through the winter. However, he quit baseball, soccer, and gymnastics, and chose not to even try basketball.

Julie and Val tried to assess what it is about skiing and the ski program that he enjoyed. It seemed like he liked being with the same small group each weekend with the same instructor. He liked that he is good at skiing. He liked that it’s relatively easy for him (no serious exertion.) And, he liked that he could do his own thing while still being part of the group.

Then, Julie and Val tried to find alternatives for other months when skiing isn’t an option. Here is what they came up with.

6 Activities for Kids Who Don’t Love Traditional Team Sports

  1. Golf
  2. Mountain biking
  3. Art lessons
  4. Cross country running
  5. Swimming lessons
  6. Archery

To hear the full discussion about helping your loner find their thing, check out the latest episode of Whose Kid is That?!? with Julie and Val. You can listen on Apple or Spotify. Don’t forget to subscribe so you know exactly when each new episode is released!


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