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How to Get Eyeliner Out of Anything! Because, kids.

Some kids will draw on anything. Walls, ceilings, and furniture. When you’re a kid, your whole world is a canvas, right?

But, what happens when the kids draw on your bed, your carpet, or your end table? And… not with washable markers. With eyeliner! You know, the stuff that’s meant to stay on no matter what. No smudging. No running.

This is what happened to Val recently and the topic of the latest episode of Whose Kid is That?!?

What Happened?

Val was unpacking from a weekend away. She left her makeup bag on her bed and left the room to grab a pair of pants for her 5-year-old son from the next bedroom over. When she returned, her son had scribbled all over her bed, carpet, and side table with her black eyeliner.

What She Tried First

Immediately, Val tried to remove the eyeliner with water. Then water and soap. Then makeup remover wipes. Nothing worked.

What Finally Worked

The mixture of cleaning supplies that finally got the eyeliner out was a mixture of OxiClean and water applied with a toothbrush. Val was in such shock when she saw what happened that she didn’t take a before picture, but we do have an after picture to share…

The Problem Now

As you can see, the solution of OxyiClean and water left a huge water stain. If you have any suggestions for removing water stains, please let us know!

To hear the full discussion about getting eyeliner out of fabric, check out the latest episode of Whose Kid is That?!? with Julie and Val. You can listen on Apple or Spotify. Don’t forget to subscribe so you know exactly when each new episode is released!


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