Laura Roald

Laura is a contributing writer for BurlingtonVT Moms Blog. A good Canadian girl, she moved to Vermont with her family in 2013, and spends her days chasing two irrepressible little girls around the Green Mountains. She has spent most of her life making and teaching live theatre. Follow her on Twitter @redsmirk
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Listen Up! Five Popular Parenting Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts. They combine companionable conversation with the convenience of on-demand digital programming. I depend on podcasts to get me through any and all housework. Without them, my house would probably collapse under...
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Moms Deserve To Shower (A Declaration)

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a mother to dissolve the demands of her family life... By closing the bathroom door, and turning the shower water to hot. A decent...

I Am Jealous Of My Daughter’s Birthday

I am jealous of my daughter’s birthday This week, my brilliant and sensitive miracle turns seven. I won’t ask where the time went, because I know exactly where it was spent: in days and moments...

Three (Non-Parenting) Books That Made Me A Better Mom

Mama Confession: I hate parenting books. Sure, I’ll read them, occasionally benefit from advice the authors work so hard to share with me. I respect the craft. The trouble with parenting books is that they...

The Seven Joys of Mud Season

1} Children Love Mud Water + Dirt = Magic! Prepare for the annual Mud Pie Buffet - this year they are serving a nice gravel appetizer. Invest in rain pants and let the kiddos squish...

Stop Telling My Daughters I’m Bad at Math

The Kidlet, age six, was showing off her subtraction skills to a crowd of admiring family and friends. “Wow, you know your stuff! Soon you’ll be better than your mom! She’s terrible at math.” My...
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Video Calling With Kids

We all want our children to know our family and friends, even those who live far away. Whether across the state or across the world, internet video calling is the way many families connect....

Play Dates for the Introvert Mama

When your kids are small, their social life is your social life. For people who thrive in new circumstances, this means a fresh world of friends and possibilities. But for moms like me, the...