Cynthia Buckpitt

bullying sad kid

Bullying in Schools: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

I’ve got some pretty ridiculous parenting nightmares floating around in my head. For instance, my biggest fear while pregnant was that my kid would pretend to be an animal all the time. (Totally freaked...
organized planning

Planning to the Extreme: How Hyper-Organization is Driving me Insane

I know some people (myself included) are in the school of thought that too much planning is never a bad thing. “Measure twice, cut once," amirite? My friends, this couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve mentioned...
mom guilt stress

Sorry, not Sorry: Overcoming Mom Guilt about Forgetting

I feel mom guilt about a ton of things all the time due to the infamous 'mom brain' phenomenon: being 5 minutes late picking up my daughter from chorus, cancelling on someone at the last...
marriage divorce

Divorce: My Journey From Single to Married and Back Again

This isn’t the story of a marriage broken by some Jerry Springer-worthy love triangle or a deadbeat dad. I didn’t “fall out of love” with my husband and he never got sick of my...
sewing tutorial

Sewing Tutorial with Cynthia: When Your Pants Are Too Big

I learned how to sew some 20-odd years ago, and have spent the last 15ish years as a professional seamstress, first as a costume seamstress for a large theme park down in Florida, then...
mom me time

Me Time: Four Things For Mom To Do All By Herself

As moms, we have precious little me time to ourselves. I feel pressured to do all the things anytime I have a free moment and even sometimes finding time to do all the things...
Back to school

Back to School Tips From a Professional Schooler

Yep, it’s that time of year again. For the last few years, I’ve not only stressed about getting my daughter ready for school, but also getting myself ready for classes at UVM. Going back to...
equity and equality wordle

Equity and Equality; or Why I Hate Participation Trophies

Lately, everyone is throwing around a bunch of terms about inclusion, cultural appropriation, equity, and equality… I’ve noticed sometimes these words get used in the wrong context, or users don’t really understand the nuances...

Easy, Make-Ahead Dinners For Moms Who Can’t Even Wash Their Hair

Right now I’ve got a pretty full plate (pun intended): mom, wife, teacher, student… I’ve had to get creative with how we do dinners since my husband doesn’t know how to cook (something I’m...

I’m Not A Perfect Mom— and You Don’t Have to Be One Either

The internet is filled with how-tos about being a perfect mom and what to do with your child so they don’t get cavities or diaper rash or die.  But I will be one of the...
embarrassed girl

Embarrassing Moments In Parenthood When I Wish I Could Teleport

Let’s face it, parenting is filled with horribly embarrassing times when you wish you could be anywhere but with your kid. Not to say we don’t love the little guys, but sometimes they can...