3rd Annual Cutest or Most Creative Halloween Costume Contest!


It’s Halloween!  Time to dress up the kids, walk them door to door, gather a bag full of candy, and try not to eat it all. 

We wanted to add a little extra fun to this Halloween season with our “3rd Annual Cutest or Most Creative Halloween Costume Contest”! We’ve loved seeing all your kiddos dressed up and having fun over these past two years and can’t wait to see what you all submit this year!

Halloween contest

The contest will run for one week but we’ll have 3 winners who will win gift cards to Kid’s City.  So start snapping those pictures and tag them with #btvhalloweencontest2014  to join the fun.

Official contest entry pictures must be mailed to info (at) burlingtonvtmomsblog (dot) com to be officially entered.

This policy is to make sure that those of you with private social media accounts or those of you without them are able to play.

How To Enter:

  • Email your Cutest Halloween Costume to info (at) burlingtonvtmomsblog (dot) com by 9pm on Saturday, November 1st.
  • We strongly encourage everyone to also post them on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter using the following official tags:  hashtag#btvhalloweencontest2014, @bvtmoms , and @kidscity.
  • All of the pictures received will be posted in an album on our Facebook page by 7am Sunday, November 2nd.  The picture that receives the most “likes” (in our official entry album) by Friday, November 7th (9pm) will win the first place prize.  Likewise, the pictures that receive the 2nd and 3rd most “likes” will win the 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well.  (details below)
  • The winners will be announced on Saturday, November 8th!

Official Rules:

  • Pictures should be family friendly.  BVTMB reserves the rights to use discretion in which pictures are posted.
  • Only submit pictures to which you have the legal rights (i.e. they are your children and it’s your photograph).  By sending the picture to BurlingtonVT Moms Blog, you are agreeing to have the image posted on social media.
  • Each reader may submit only ONE (1) official entry.
  • Pictures must be EMAILED to info (at) burlingtonvtmomsblog (dot) com, not posted to our Facebook page.  BVTMB will not accept pictures posted to the page as official contest entries.
  • When you email your photo, please be sure to include your name & your child’s name (first is fine) and costume title.
  • Pictures must be liked in the album on our Facebook page, not on a picture that is shared.  So please be sure that you are clear with your friends and family when asking them to vote!  Only album image “likes” will be counted (this essentially means your friends and family have to navigate to the BVTMB Facebook page, scroll through the album and vote).

Winner’s Prizes:

  • 1st Place = $75 Gift Card to Kid’s City
  • 2nd Place = $50 Gift Card to Kid’s City
  • 3rd Place = $25 Gift Card to Kid’s City

So get your cameras ready, dress up your kids, and send us your Cutest or Most Creative Halloween Costumed kid!


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