Finding Rest


A couple of weeks ago I heard an inspiring sermon at church about rest.

My first thought was, “What is this rest thing you speak of?” 

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It’s not often as a mom that rest is a part of your everyday life. Most days I find myself running around like a chicken with my head cut off. By the end of the day, I flop myself into bed and wonder how it all passed by so quickly.

What I’m learning, however, is that I require rest on a daily basis. When I say rest, I’m not talking about a nap. I’m not talking about leisure or laziness. I’m talking about taking time to stop, breathe, be thankful and fully present in your life.

So often we rush about our days as though if we don’t cross off our to-do list everything will crumble around us. But guess what? I didn’t get the dishes done one day and we all survived. I got out of work late so we ate sandwiches for dinner and nobody cared.

Sometimes letting go of expectations we have put on ourselves gives us space to rest.

Have you ever been in a hurry to go somewhere when the sheer purpose of the visit was for fun? HURRY AND GET IN THE CAR AND BUCKLE UP AND HURRY AND GO…because we are going to the park. It’s like we totally missed the point of going to do something fun. Hurrying just to hurry…please tell me I’m not the only one?

Us chronic hurry-ers need to rest.

I have also learned that allowing myself to rest throughout the day has helped me be more engaging in the relationships in my life. You can be a better listener when you stop and clear your mind of doubt and worry. It’s much easier to be available for hugs when you stop to take a breath and the little ones under your feet find an open space to squeeze into. The words “thank you” flow so easily when your day has consisted of gratitude pit stops.

I’d like to encourage my fellow parents to take some time throughout your days to rest. Take a breath, slow down. Be present in the life you are living. Be grateful for the small things. I promise if you slow down, just a second, and allow yourself time to rest in the goodness that is your life, you will be a more content parent. 

How do you find rest in the craziness that is life with kids?



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