Yvonne Eastman

I met my husband, Scott while he was attending college near my hometown. Scott grew up in Vermont and I moved here after we married in 1990. We live on 50 beautiful acres in Fairfax with our three daughters, Grace (18), Lillian (15) and Ruth (2). After being a stay at home mom with my older two, I returned to work when Lillian started kindergarten. In 2011, along with my in-laws, we opened Eastman’s Bakery in Fairfax. Three months into business we found out that, despite a tubal ligation the previous year, I was pregnant! While trying to balance teenagers, a toddler and a business can be a wild adventure, I wouldn't trade it for anything! When not working, driving to doctor, dentist, orthodontist appointments, I enjoy running, hiking, traveling, camping and sleeping.
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I Can’t Be Pregnant, I Had My Tubes Tied!

While I stood in line at the grocery store, a lady behind me who looked to be in her sixties kept gazing at my three-month-old daughter and smiling. Finally, she laid her hand on...
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Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? I’ll have to look at my calendar to answer that. On the tails of Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse’s Appreciation Day, Administrative Professionals Week, and...

Discovering the Bigger Picture in a Small Village

Five years ago I took my children on the most beautiful trip to Mexico and we will never be the same. I had gone two years earlier with just my oldest daughter and decided to...

Seven Things I Never Had to Say Until I Became a Parent

We’ve all done it. Before we have time to think about it, the words slip out of our mouths leaving us to stand there wondering, “What did I just say?” Not in a million...
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The Five Reasons You’re Probably a Better Mom than I am… And the One...

Sometimes as moms we question our abilities. We compare ourselves to other moms, our families to other families, our lives to the lives of others. All of this comparing can make us feel inadequate...
Bringing Baby to Work 2

Bringing Baby to Work: A Glimpse into a Day

“Isn’t it wonderful that you can bring her to work with you?” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this over the last three years. Three months after opening our business, I found...

Giving My Children the Gift of Not Always Being There

I stood in a conference room with about 2,000 other moms as the speaker instructed us to raise our right hand and repeat after her: “Cap’n Crunch is a perfectly acceptable dinner.” We were being...

Six Things Nobody Told Me About Having Teenagers

When my girls were young I remember hearing a lot of advice and comments about what it would be like to raise them. These comments came from friends, family, strangers. One of the things...