Vicky Parra Tebbetts

Vicky Parra Tebbetts
Originally from Connecticut, Vicky lived on a farm in Cabot for 22 years before recently moving to South Burlington seeking greater opportunity in high school education. She is a mom to a teen boy and girl, and a Goldendoodle who grew up to look more like a poodle. A reticent soccer mom and former lawyer who owns her own marketing and communications business, she spends most of her work time playing with words. She mourns the demise of the serial comma. Don’t ask her if she passed the bar exam (she did) and why she doesn’t have her own website if she writes them for others (she’s been working on her own site for about six years). She’s outside every day, and you may find her sitting in the sun in January, wrapped in blankets. Swinger of birches and lover of all things Vermont, she hikes, paddles, cooks gluten-free and vegan food, reads meaningless novels, and is a recent Pilates convert. She loves to visit her happy place any time of year in Ogunquit, Maine.

Thanksgiving Meal Options for Eating in or Dining Out

If you don't feel like cooking this year, we get it. Some years, we just need a break and it's perfectly fine to let someone else do the cooking. Seriously, sit back. You deserve...
A teenage boy looks down a city sidewalk illuminated by lights.

7 Things I Wish I Had Known When My Son Started Applying to College

Many of us have heard that the process of finding and applying to college is difficult, for both the student and their family. I expected that. We also know that there’s so much that is,...
A woman and a girl smile in an open field, holding ice cream cones

Vermont Summer Bucket List: Find Your Green Mountain Adventure

The end of summer is in sight, and our Vermont summer bucket list is in the bag! Vermont summer activities are so much fun. And let’s face it, summer here is short-lived. I like to...
The northwestern hemisphere of a globe, with a locational pin and a heart over Vermont.

Why This Mom Loves Vermont

When I think about why this mom loves Vermont, many of the usual things come to mind: fresh air, unspoiled spaces, beautiful mountains and valleys, room to roam, and the ability to play outside...
Two children run up a snowy driveway with sleds and a white dog

Essential Winter Gear for People of All Ages

The only way to enjoy winter in Vermont is to make sure you have cold-weather gear. You don’t need a lot, but there are some pieces of essential winter gear that make the difference...
Three boys stand in a line after a soccer game, sweaty and happy, holding pictures honoring them for Senior Night.

Hey There, Moms of High School Seniors

Hey there, moms of high school seniors: the baker of cupcakes, the host of the team dinners, the organizer of Senior Night, the coordinator of the fundraiser and the keeper of photos because this...
An older woman and young father hold a newborn baby against a newspaper to record the headlines of the day.

My Son Was Born on September 11

My son was born on September 11, 2003: the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, on the Pentagon, and on the airplane that nosedived into a field in rural...
A young boy hugs hissmiling mother at the top of a mountain.

Move More and Feel Better: Is the Value of Exercise Complicated?

As I get older, “move more and feel better” has become my mantra. No matter what exercise I choose, each day that I move more, I feel better. With warmer weather on the horizon, my...
Women's hand form a heart on a pink background in an expression of love.

My Kids Taught Me How to Love Valentine’s Day

I learned to love Valentine's Day when I had children, ending my fitful relationship with the annual day for love. Maybe Cupid’s arrow missed me before I became Mom. Maybe Cupid is a really bad...
A teenage boy and girl walking along the sidewalk in summer with a woman smiling in the background.

Making Up for the Mother Wound: A Letter to My Future Adult Kids

According to the articles I’ve read, the Mother Wound is a loss or lack of mothering that has an impact that can be passed down through generations. Putting a name to this concept is...
a whimsical cartoon of a woman carrying gifts

My Favorite Last-Minute Vermont Gifts for Grown-Ups of all Ages

This holiday season is proving to be as strange as the rest of 2020, but one thing is still true: I’ll always need last-minute Vermont gifts. Because I love my friends, and I love...
A grocery store sign advertising easy, to-go turkey dinners with all the fixings

Finding New Thanksgiving Traditions in COVID Times

Thanksgiving traditions are on the cutting board this month as I redefine my expectations for the holiday, 2020-style. Just like everything else this year, COVID has thrown a monkey wrench into our plans, our...
Daylight Savings Time Reminder

Daylight Saving Time: The Gift of An Extra Hour, Once a Year

Spring forward, fall back. Daylight Saving Time ends soon, and we will turn the clocks back in favor of brighter mornings, early darkness, and an extra hour, once a year. The day we “fall back” reminds...
Embroidery in a hoop, done by a teen, that says "keep growing."

How COVID-19 Helped Me Get Along Better with My Quaranteens

I've had a few realizations that helped me get along better with my teens during COVID-19. When the world came to a pause in March, it didn’t seem like a big deal. At first. As...