Nathalie Boyle

Nathalie is a poet and writer. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Bennington College. Her poems have appeared in various literary magazines, including The Bohemyth and Matador Review. She lives in Northwestern Vermont with her husband, son, and dog.

Dissecting My Love/Hate Relationship with Grey’s Anatomy

I watched the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy in June 2020. I was six months pregnant and we were in an unprecedented pandemic. I’d just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. A resident of Burlington...

6 Free and Easy Ways to Move Your Spine

Spine health is vital to our overall health. Our spines support and protect our brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. It is, after all, what keeps us upright - literally. The thing is, we often ignore...

Overstimulated Mama Hacks to Find Calm

I’m writing this while in the throes of major overstimulation. This overstimulated mama could use a time-out. But that’s not happening any time soon. My son, who is almost 2.5, is talking a mile a...

My Vermonter Husband’s Tips to Survive and Thrive in a Cold Winter

Freezing temperatures, snow storms, and the lack of sunlight make surviving and thriving in the coldest winter in Vermont harsh and borderline unbearable to an indoor girl like me. If you didn’t already pick up...
A white woman with red hair and glasses read a book in front of a blue wall.

Jessi Klein’s Book, I’ll Show Myself Out, Is Everything I Needed

This is a really cool time to be a mom and an avid reader. Millennials, my generation, born between 1980-1995, are starting to have kids of their own. And we are not accepting the...
A wide array of diabetes-related paraphernalia. A black finger stick and reader. An empty syringe. Sugar cubes and a pink frosted donut.

What I Wish I Knew About Living with Gestational Diabetes

At the beginning of my third trimester, I failed the glucose tolerance test. Every pregnant person takes it and the grade is either pass or fail. I failed the super glucose tolerance test, too. I...
Motherhood Changed Me: 4 Ways for the Better and 1 Way for the Worse

Motherhood Changed Me: 4 Ways for the Better and 1 Way for the Worse

My twenty-four-year-old self would be aghast at who I’ve become. Out hiking with a friend, our toddlers strapped to our backs in packs built to make that weight seem as light as a feather. I’m...
My Toddler Is not Talking. Does He Have a Speech Delay or Is He Slow to Talk?

My Toddler Is Not Talking. Does He Have a Speech Delay?

Today, we have fifteen minutes to kill before nap time. We spend it in the living room, my son on the couch, and me in our armchair, looking out the window at our neighborhood’s...