Mary Beth McNulty

Mary Beth is a Southern transplant to Vermont by way of California, where she taught middle school. These days, you can find Mary Beth still working in education with a local college and as a playwright with the Burlington-based, Complications Company. She likes to write about things that make her laugh, like how her eldest sometimes channels a 50-year-old British man when she speaks; everyday tragedies, like being the only person in the house who seems to know how to change a toilet paper roll; and things that keep her up late at night, like climate change, school shootings, pandemics, and if she remembered to pay her car registration or not. She is a co-founder of Complications Company.
Why I Don't Want my Family to Hide from Politics

You Can’t Hide from Politics: Why I Don’t Shield My Kids from Politics

As a family of four in Vermont with a newly adopted habit of binge-watching fantasy tv shows, it would be easy enough for us to look the other direction when anything “political” comes up....
An American Mom Experiences Reopening Society in Norway

An American Mom Experiences Reopening Society in Norway

Over the past few weeks, our family has experienced a reopening society in Oslo, Norway. I’ve written before about what it was like to choose to stay in Norway during the start of the coronavirus...
Cranky Mom Shouts her Dissatisfaction into the Digital Void

A Cranky Mom Shouts her Dissatisfaction into the Digital Void

Everything is making me cranky today. My husband. My children. The stranger at the grocery store who stood too close to me. My colleagues and students thousands of miles away. The dust on my table....

A Mom’s Manual for Navigating a Pandemic in a Foreign Land

Before the pandemic struck, there were many situations I wish I had a manual for: how to navigate raising teenagers, how to stop my hair from thinning and neck skin from falling without becoming...
homeschool angst

How to Temporarily Homeschool Your Kiddos without Driving Yourself (or Them) Crazy

Whether you’re moving, vacationing, fighting an extended illness or injury, or battening the hatches because the coronavirus is impacting your community, there may come a time when you have to temporarily homeschool your children....

Teaching My Children Greater Responsibility Through Storytelling

On a day when I had done more grumbling, groaning, and gnashing of teeth at my children’s behavior than actually talking to them, the NPR article, How Inuit Parents Raise Kids Without Yelling, stopped...

What I’m Doing to Prepare Myself for My Daughter’s Future Sexual Assault

In the U.S., one in three women and one in six men have experienced sexual assault in their life. It makes me physically ill to say this, but the chances are good that one...

Four Tips for Improved Parent Teacher Child Communication

Our children spend a gazillion hours of their lives in school, so chances are good that you and your child will have to speak with a teacher about a problem at some point. But...
listening to podcast

Getting Yourself Ready for Middle School in 25 Easy Steps

Congratulations! Despite having only just brought your baby home from the hospital last week, today they’re suddenly ready for middle school! However ready your kiddo is, the chances are good you may find yourself...
Travel with kids

European Travel with Kids: Tips and Tricks to Make Them Like It

My passion for travel first took hold when my parents took me to Europe when I was just 8 years old, and I’ve continued to jump at the chance to see new countries whenever...

Spectator Sport: Observations from the Sidelines of My Kids’ Hobbies

My kiddos are 8 and 11 and I believe that they each now have the same number of active hobbies as years. From skiing to taekwondo, from dance to piano, it feels like my...

Summer Can Wait: Summer Scheduling is a Nightmare

Most everyone I know in my town is tired of winter’s ice, slush, and snow. On the few warm days we’ve had, my co-workers fling off their coats, saying they, “Can’t wait until summer!”...

Romancing the Dinner Dishes or What Counts as Middle Age Romance

For Valentine’s Day this year, my husband “gave” me a pair of warm, winter boots that I’d purchased for myself. In return, I gave him much needed winter mittens. At first glance, these might...
chapter boks

Chapter Books the Whole Family Will Love to Read Aloud

Has your family graduated from enjoying picture books to also reading chapter books aloud?   But are your kids’ age and interests wildly divergent? Sure, you could read two or three different books, one for...