Maddy Willwerth grew up in Sacramento CA and moved to Vermont for college. She couldn’t bear to leave. She now lives in Vergennes, VT with her husband and 2 daughters. Maddy works at her local library and has too many books. In the future, Maddy would like to grow as much food as she can herself but for now, she grows over 300 heads of garlic and tries to use as many of the apples on her one apple tree before they rot on the lawn.
little boy on plastic chair in the aisle of a public library

You Belong at Your Public Library Plus 5 More Reasons to Visit

Full disclosure: I am the Interim Director of the Bixby Memorial Free Library in Vergennes, so it should be obvious that I am a big fan of the work public libraries do and of...
Woman lying in the fetal position on a bed

Teaching My Daughters about the Toll of the Emotional Symptoms of Menstruation

I try to be as open as possible with my daughters about both the physical and emotional symptoms of menstruation. Growing up, I knew nothing about menstruation or the various devices available to manage your...

I Love Sharing Scary Halloween Traditions with my Kids

When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, a lot of my dreams centered on the various holiday traditions I was going to create and share with her. A lot of these dreams focused...
2 women and 1 child facing the water

A Thank You To My Mom Friends Who Are More Like Acquaintances

When I cruise moms blogs and parenting magazines, I see so many articles written about mom friends and parenting communities. People say that mom friends are hard to cultivate. I scan comments about how necessary...