Heather Kasvinsky

Heather Kasvinsky
I live in South Duxbury with my husband, Matt and our two super energetic kids, Lucy (7) and Sander (4). We moved here from Fairbanks, Alaska four years ago to build our home near family and we are still working on finishing it! My husband is a carpenter and I am an artist. I have an MFA from Arizona State University and lived in the southwest for seven years. I have taught printmaking at the college level most of my adult life, though I am currently on a long break due to homeschooling and enjoying my children. I enjoy gardening, cooking, skiing, hiking, and find any excuse to be outdoors. Our family has a very loved Alaskan husky named Canute and an old Maine Coon cat, Oliver, who add so much love to our home. We recently added guinea hens and chickens to our little farm where we enjoy growing fruit trees, berries, and lots of memories. Vermont has been a beautiful place so far to raise our children and build new friendships.
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