Caroline Henne

Caroline Henne has experience as a project manager, editor, and teacher; she recently moved to Vermont from Washington, DC. Caroline lives in South Burlington with her family and loves writing and exploring outside.
Sewing machine quilting a holiday coaster from Vermont business Kat's Paws

Quilted Gifts from Kat’s Paws: Purr-fect Gift Ideas for the Holidays

{Disclaimer: We are working with Kat's Paws to bring you this post.} Vermont is home to a rich tradition of quilting and hand sewing; as a new transplant here, I’m finding that there’s nothing else...
Close up of child in bubble bath with suds on face

Lifestyle and Habits of the Toddler Mom as Observed in the Wild

In order to prepare for a new phase in my life after having a baby, I chose to conduct fieldwork focusing on a species which we might call, "a mystery hiding in plain sight,"...
brownies, dessert, chocolate, quick dessert, easy dessert

Three Quick and Easy Chocolate Desserts to Share

Now that school has started again, your calendar is probably full of invitations to potlucks, cookouts, and dinner parties. Rather than grabbing a dozen of those fluorescent sprinkle cookies at the grocery store, impress...
school lockdown, school safety, education

Caught in a School Lockdown: What You and Your Kids Should Know

It was time to head home after a fun children’s story hour at our library, when my 18-month-old daughter and I were surprised by a loudspeaker announcement that school lockdown procedures were being implemented....
kids love art, kid activities

How to Help Your Kids Love Art, Whether You Do, or Not

“How can I help my kids love art?” My mother asked my first-grade teacher. My mom was not an expert in art herself but had an inkling from parenting books that it would be...
inner critic, anger, angry people

Facing and Taming Your Inner Critic as a Mom

We all wrestle with our “inner critic” from time to time - that little nagging voice that tells you that you’re doing things wrong, that nothing in your life will ever improve, or that...
love books

How to Help Your Kids Learn to Love Books at All Ages

Who doesn’t want their kids to love books?  Right now, my 18 month old daughter is a champ at reading board books over and over (and over and over…). But, I’m not always sure what...