Brittany Cunningham

Brittany Cunningham
Born and raised in Burlington Vermont, now raising a 5 year old and 6 month old twins in the quiet of Jericho Vermont. Every day is a learning experience as a new mom to twins and battling with balancing work, school, home, family, and keeping everyone entertained in our Green Mountain State.

How to be prepared for holiday travel!

Now that the temperature has dropped and there is quite a bit of travel in most of our foreseeable futures it is time to make sure that no matter where you go or where...

Sniffles, Sleep Deprivation, and those Nose-Sucker Things

If you have ever had to take care of a sick baby then you already know that it’s overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating, heartbreaking, and overall worse than being sick yourself.  Now take all of that...

Save Our Sheets!

There are many sleepless nights in parenthood.  The most obvious segment is the newborn phase up until that blissful day when they finally start sleeping through the night.  You will ask yourself if that...

A Little More About Brittany

In the dead of winter in 1987, on the very first day of the year; I graced the world with my presence (although my sisters probably would beg to differ).  I am the third...