Amanda Dall

Originally from upstate New York, Amanda moved to Vermont with her husband after they got married in 2007! She holds a Masters's degree in speech-language pathology and, over the last five years, has experienced life as a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, and a stay-at-home mom to two young children. These days, Amanda plays the role of 'stay-at-home-mom' and spends her time chauffeuring, chasing kids, reading children's books, and seeking any activity that will get her family out of the house.
Holiday health goals featured image

Health Goals: How I Plan To Stick To Mine Over the Holidays

A few months ago, I stepped on the scale at my yearly check-up. I noticed that the number on the scale was about 25 lbs more than it had been the last time I...
motivated female athlete

Building Motivation: Developing My Kids’ Appreciation for Achievement

If there is one quality I want my children to have, it is a sense of motivation. I want my kids to know the value of hard work and how it will help them reach...
sleeping boy

Pediatric Migraines: My Son’s Experience and What I Have Learned

I never predicted that my 7 year-old son would experience pediatric migraines. Pediatric migraines are not something moms typically talk about, right? I do not suffer from migraines. Even though my husband does, he didn't...
boys excitedly playing

Speech Development in Children: Information From an SLP Mom

The month of May has rolled around yet again; it’s Better Speech and Hearing Month. Part of my role as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is to promote awareness of speech development delays and disorders...

Playdates and Why I Am Terrible at Hosting Them

Parenting confession #456,789: I am really bad about setting up playdates at my house for my kids. I’ve been bad about this for the last seven years, or the length of time I have been...
Baby on Laptop

The Vermont Infants In the Workplace Program: Taking our Babies to Work

On January 31, 2019, Vermont Governor Phil Scott, along with Susanne Young (Secretary of Administration) and Beth Fastiggi (Human Resources Commissioner) announced the new Infants in the Workplace program, which took effect February 1st. Even...
Mom taking care of her baby.

Finding a Parent-Friendly Job and Work-Life Balance

When I started working as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in New York in 2006, I was working long days, from about 7:45AM, until anywhere from 4 to 6PM. I had to travel between clients,...
pine cone crafts ornament

Pinecone Crafts: Five Easy DIY Ideas for Holiday Decor

I am not talented when it comes to drawing or painting, but I love to craft! I scour Pinterest for hours looking for fun, inexpensive DIY crafting projects. Last fall, the pine trees in...
Person holding out wrapped Christmas present

Holiday Service Activities: How My Family Can Spread Holiday Kindness

The holidays are fast approaching and I am getting excited. I am one of those people who loves everything about the holidays and sharing them with family. The whole aura of the Christmas brings...
mom, cleaning, organizing

Kids’ Decluttering Checklist: Small Jobs You Can Give Them to Help Tidy Up

The fall is full of fresh starts for everyone in my household. For me, this includes decluttering the house. Last year, I started giving my children some tasks to help me out. This year,...
alarm clock to help me keep my school year goals

School Year Goals: Thinking About What I Need to Do to Stay Sane

As much as I like summer, I think I’m ready for my kids to start school. I managed to complete over 90% of my summer ‘mommy bucket list’ with my children. We camped (twice),...
Make today tolerable sign

School’s End Craziness: The Insanity Right Before Summer

I don’t know if I’m going to make it until mid-June in one piece. From the outside, I look semi-put together. On the inside, I’m trying to find all the pieces of my brain. School’s...
early intervention, baby with toys

Early Intervention: What I Know as a Mom and a Therapist

As parents, we are always concerned about our children meeting their milestones. We spend a lot of time worrying if their skills are up to par compared to their peers. Both of my children received...
Upset threenager

Threenager Diaries: Field Notes from a Mom Raising a Threenager

Before having children, I always heard about the "terrible twos." It wasn't until I had my own child that I heard the term, "threenager." Once my son turned three, I started to understand what people...