Amanda Dall

Originally from upstate New York, Amanda moved to Vermont with her husband after they got married in 2007! She holds a Masters's degree in speech-language pathology and, over the last five years, has experienced life as a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, and a stay-at-home mom to two young children. These days, Amanda plays the role of 'stay-at-home-mom' and spends her time chauffeuring, chasing kids, reading children's books, and seeking any activity that will get her family out of the house.
Shoes can be lost while taking holiday photos

Ten Things I Learned While Taking My Children’s Holiday Photos

Every year, I become excited about dressing my kids in festive clothing and capturing perfect holiday photos for our Christmas card. You know exactly what I envision: my adorable little ‘elves’ smiling beautifully for the camera...

10 Not-So-Obvious Things I am Thankful for as a Mom

Oh, November. A time when, in theory, we reflect on all we are thankful for.  A couple of years ago, some of my Facebook friends and I started participating in what was called the...
Reading Stuart Little

Reading Aloud to Our Preschooler: Adventures in Chapter Books

When my husband went back to work after the birth of our second child, I began to wonder whose idea this whole ‘second child thing’ was anyway.  How was I going to attend to...
disability, quote

Beyond the Label: Helping Kids See the ‘Ability’ in ‘Disability’

While running errands, my daughter and I often run into a young man at his place of employment who is friendly and seems to be well-liked by his co-workers.  He is very pleasant and always chats...