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Imposter Syndrome Impacts My Work and My Parenting

I am an engineer with spacecraft in orbit and on Mars, and am a parent to two wonderful kids.  I have designed some really crazy stuff as an engineer, and still spend a lot of time doing activities with my kids.  So, why then do I feel like a failure at work and at home?  Shouldn’t I be proud of all that I’ve done? I have Impostor Syndrome, a feeling of persistent incompetence and fear of being found out as a fraud.  It makes you feel like you don’t deserve your role, in spite of being highly qualified and prepared for what you do.  All of this is a cognitive misperception, but feels very real.  I experience Impostor Syndrome as both a parent and as an engineer.

One Mom’s Barriers To Achieving Her Dream Career

I have barriers standing between me and a dream career that makes me feel fulfilled, instead of obligated. Recently I woke up depressed. I don’t...